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(Litsea cubeba) essential oil is steam distilled from the berries of a small tropical tree, native to China and other parts of East Asia. The Latin name comes from the fact that the plant’s berries resemble ‘cubed’ seeds (or peppers).
May Chang essential oil, also known as Litsea cubeba, is light yellow in colour with an intense, fresh, lemony, fruity aroma, which lightens into a sweeter, softer scent as the oil begins to evaporate.
As a uniquely uplifting, refreshing oil, it has a variety of indications, from combating fatigue and aiding concentration, through to easing anxiety, depression and indigestion!
Safety note: May Chang can be sensitizing to sensitive skins and should therefore be avoided for baths or massage.

May Chang essential oil has 3 main uses:-
As a nervous tonic for stress related issues this oil will help lighten the mood and calm anxiety. It is said to create a sense of inner lightness where negativity has set in. It is also excellent to help stimulate concentration where stress or anxiety has created a foggy mental state.

As a digestive tonic, particularly for those with sluggish digestion. May Chang is a mild stimulant – so it can be helpful where trapped wind (IBS symptoms) constipation or indigestion are concerned.

As an aid to those who suffer from excessive perspiration / body odour. This can occur during periods of high stress, or hormonal changes such as puberty or menopause. Others just find they have a perpetual inclination towards sweaty feet, for example. May Chang can be particularly useful here alongside other oils such as Geranium, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Bergamot and Sandalwood.