We At PADRA PSYCHOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS wanted to create a company that meant something. After almost a decade of working in the field of psychology, we saw that there was a need for an approach that is based on “NON-PHARMACOLOGICAL INTERVENTIONS IN ISSUES RELATED TO MIND” with genuine concern for clients and offered affordable services and products without compromising on quality. While working tirelessly in field of psychology/psychiatry and learning everything , it became clear that a new kind of approach which includes non-pharmacological interventions like natural essential oil, psychological counselling, learning and increasing cognitive abilities through well-defined toys and behaviour modification was necessary.

Our dream was to build a business that valued people over profit and dealt honestly while offering direct access to the many benefits of NON PHARMA based products especially essential oils. In 2016, Essential oils an unearthed gem that few had knowldge about its great and positive effects on mind ,and there beneficial use in field of psychology. we started Padra’s EMUSHA range of premium essential oils with the mission of making essential oils accessible to everyone who want to have mental peace in this ever changing stressful life in a easy way.. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t always fun. we utilized everything we learned about the natural industry and did not rest until we could find the highest quality oils available. we knew that even if it cost us, our clients’ needs would always come first.

After many long nights, a fresh wave of beginning PADRA’s EMUSHA essential oil range blossomed into something that really mattered. People gravitated towards EMUSHA range of essential oils, due to its clear and beneficial uses relating to sound sleep,attention deficit,mental clarity,emotional balance etc. without having to depend on pharma products. We have never spent money on marketing but rather grew out of positive experiences and a belief that our reputation is everything. Our NON PHARMA ADVISED ESPECIALLY ABOUT EMUSHA ESSENTIAL OILS are now enjoyed in homes, aromatherapy offices and used by naturalists . we thank our customers enough for believing in our brand and dreaming a little with us.